Letter from Matt Amante

Matt Amante, President

Matt Amante, President

2015 is nearing the end, and it has been a great year for Tri-State. If you were able to attend the conference in Wilmington, you know Andi Steele deserves a lot of credit for organizing a fantastic event that couldn’t even be stopped by a Hurricane! The weekend was filled with workshops, talks, exhibitions, Judy Phaff’s Keynote talk, and conversations that made me proud to be president of this organization.

Looking to the future, we have plenty on our plate as well. We are currently accepting nominations for the position of President, Vice President, and Treasure. The conference for next year sounds amazing and Melissa and Ed Walker are working very hard to assure that this event will be fantastic. We have an Iron Pour coming up at Jim’s studio in February, and calls for artists that pertain directly to our members included in this newsletter.

On a personal level, I want to thank the organization, members, and board for supporting me throughout my term as President. I struggled a bit in the beginning, but I think we made some interesting additions and positive contributions to the group by the end. I wouldn’t be able to do anything without a network of supportive friends and mentors. Our board and members made my term much better than I though it could be in the beginning. Lets nominate people by January and spend the next year transitioning them in a way that they can be successful and keep us moving in a positive direction.

Thanks again everyone!