2015 Tri-State Sculptors Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship Winners Announced at 37th Tri-State Conference

Jordan, Austin, and I reviewed portfolios for the $500 student scholarships. It was a unanimous decision to award them to:

Chris Morgan – Graduate Student Scholarship
Jai Woods – Undergraduate Student Scholarship

Happily, our pool of student applicants was so strong this year that I recommended we award each candidate a waived conference fee. These students included: Aaron Deshields, Megan Huntington, Chris Lew, Michael Messer, Dalia Delanuez, Shai Perry, William Seal, and Lucy Sexton. My rational for this is that each of these students have taken the first steps in becoming a professional sculptor by creating a body of work, documenting it, and writing an artist statement for it.  The next obvious step is to meet professional sculptors—which is what they’ll do at the conference. I suggested the waived fee be accompanied by a personal invitation for them to attend. The larger goal for the scholarships is bringing younger sculptors into TSS, and the scholarship candidates are the ideal artists to recruit since they’ve already expressed an interest in Tri State.

I’m proud to close out my tenure as the scholarship committee chair this year.  We’ve had our strongest group of applicants ever and have added two active scholarship committee members who were student award winners themselves. They have contributed enormously to the committee. Thank you, Jordan and Austin, for your good work.

Ginny Tyler