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Virginia Tyler: "Tribute to the God Tree II"
Virginia Tyler: "Tribute to the God Tree II"
Allan Weaver: "Bladefish"
Ann Melanie: "Aspiration"
Austin Sheppard: "21 tales"
Austin Sheppard: "1,460 Self Inflicted Wounds"
Beau Lyday: "Gothic Meditation"
Beau Lyday: Detail view of "When the Spirit Soars"
Travis Donovan: "Cruise"
Travis Donovan: "Shovel (Norwall Floral)"
Frankie Flood: "Piecemaker/Peacemaker Pizza Cutter"
Frankie Flood: "Ribi Pizza Cutter"
Grace Cathey: "Life of the Monarch"
Grace Cathey: "Wolves at Play"
James Johnson
James Johnson
Jane Jaskevich: "Alexis"
Jane Jaskevich: "Calcite Stag"
Jeff Kiefer: "Today's Dreams"
Jeff Kiefer: "Twirl"
Kate Vogel and John Littleton: "Celebrating Muskegon"
Kate Vogel and John Littleton: "Celebrating Muskegon, close-up at night"
Michael Hough
Michael Hough
Michael Morris
Michael Morris: "Smooth"
Naomi Falk
Naomi Falk
Alison Pack: "A Moment On The Lips, Forever On The Hips"
Alison Pack: "Whoops, I Lost My Cherry"
Paul Foley
Paul Foley
Peter Rubino: "Adam and Eve"
Peter Rubino: "Nurture"
Phillip Harrison: "Triumph of the Human Spirit"
Phillip Harrison
Scott Harris
Scott Harris
Zachary Smith-Johnson
Zachary Smith-Johnson
Brittany Sondberg: "Before You Go"
Brittany Sondberg: "Steel Swing"
Andi Steele: "Emanate"
Andi Steele: "Genesis"
Stephen Kishel
Stephen Kishel
Adam Adcock: "Tectonic Shift"
Adam Adcock: "Up From Within"
Vandorn Hinnant: "Monument to Leadership"
Vandorn Hinnant: "Together We Rise"
Wayne Vaugn: "The Drawing"
Wayne Vaugn: "Fenster"

Who Are We?

  • We are a network of Sculptors and Sculpture Enthusiasts who learn new skills together, share ideas,  collaborate on projects, exhibit together, and watch each other grow old.

  • Our organization was started in 1978 by sculptors in NC, SC, and VA; hence the name TriState.  Since then the organization has grown and currently represents a broader portion of the Southeastern US.  Anyone is welcome to become a member
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Upcoming 43Rd Annual TSS Members Conference

Planning is underway for this year's Fall Conference.    The 3.5 day event is scheduled for Sept. 30th - Oct. 3rd, at Clearwater Arts Center & Studios in Concord, NC, and on the campus of UNC Charlotte.  This will be an in-person conference hosting a variety of technical demonstrations, sculpture-related presentations, visiting artists, and lots of time to coalesce with fellow artists.  

Click here to go to the conference planning page, to learn more about what is on the schedule and how you can participate.  

Discounted hotel rates are available through Sept. 17.  Go to the 2021 conference page to find a link to book your room.  Links to register for the conference can be found there as well.


Volunteers Needed!  If you would like to volunteer to help out in return for free admission to the conference please fill out this form, and contact Karena Graves at


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Naomi J Falk:  Sculptor and          Educator

Naomi grew up in the Detroit 'burbs and in rural mid-Michigan. She has bounced around the US by living in the Midwest, Northeast, Northwest, and now planted in the Southeast, in Columbia, SC.  She been an educator for over 15 years.

Naomi often uses found objects and upcycled materials to create installations and performative objects and spaces.  She is interested in exploring how people create physical and psychological borders as a means to separate personal from public space.      Continue Reading

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Join the Women's Caucus for Art

Carolinas Chapter

The Women's Caucus for Art is celebrating its 50th year in 2022.

To join you must become a member of the national WCA, and then choose NSC as your chapter.

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 Kenly Cox:   Graduate Student UNC Charlotte

Kenly is from the small town of Olivia, NC and now lives in Concord, NC.  She earned an AFA in Fine Arts at Sandhills Community College and then received a BFA in Fine Arts at UNC Chapel Hill in 2019.  She is currently working towards a Graduate Certificate in Art Education at UNC Charlotte.  Kenly most enjoys working in ceramics, cast iron, and printmaking.  Her experience in the field of sculpture is quite diverse, ranging from internships at a number of sculpture organizations as well as artisan / stage-craft positions with playmakers...    Continue Reading

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