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Virginia Tyler: "Tribute to the God Tree II"
Virginia Tyler: "Tribute to the God Tree II"
Allan Weaver: "Bladefish"
Ann Melanie: "Aspiration"
Austin Sheppard: "21 tales"
Austin Sheppard: "1,460 Self Inflicted Wounds"
Beau Lyday: "Gothic Meditation"
Beau Lyday: Detail view of "When the Spirit Soars"
Charles Wright: "Humpty Dumpty and Pearls"
Dana Kimmell
Dana Kimmell
Travis Donovan: "Cruise"
Travis Donovan: "Shovel (Norwall Floral)"
Frankie Flood: "Piecemaker/Peacemaker Pizza Cutter"
Frankie Flood: "Ribi Pizza Cutter"
Grace Cathey: "Life of the Monarch"
Grace Cathey: "Wolves at Play"
James Johnson
James Johnson
Jane Jaskevich: "Alexis"
Jane Jaskevich: "Calcite Stag"
Jeff Kiefer: "Today's Dreams"
Jeff Kiefer: "Twirl"
Kate Vogel and John Littleton: "Celebrating Muskegon"
Kate Vogel and John Littleton: "Celebrating Muskegon, close-up at night"
Michael Hough
Michael Hough
Michael Morris
Michael Morris: "Smooth"
Naomi Falk
Naomi Falk
Paul Foley
Paul Foley
Peter Rubino: "Adam and Eve"
Peter Rubino: "Nurture"
Scott Harris
Scott Harris
Brent Skidmore: "Untitled"
Brent Skidmore: "Slice of Emotive Landscape"
Zachary Smith-Johnson
Zachary Smith-Johnson
Brittany Sondberg: "Before You Go"
Brittany Sondberg: "Steel Swing"
Andi Steele: "Emanate"
Andi Steele: "Genesis"
Stephen Kishel
Stephen Kishel
Adam Adcock: "Tectonic Shift"
Adam Adcock: "Up From Within"
Vandorn Hinnant: "Monument to Leadership"
Vandorn Hinnant: "Together We Rise"
Wayne Vaugn: "The Drawing"
Wayne Vaugn: "Fenster"

Who Are We?

  • We are a network of Sculptors and Sculpture Enthusiasts who learn new skills together, share ideas,  collaborate on projects, exhibit together, and watch each other grow old.

  • Our organization was started in 1978 by sculptors in NC, SC, and VA; hence the name TriState.  Since then the organization has grown and currently represents a broader portion of the Southeastern US.  Anyone is welcome to become a member
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Charles Wright  Sculptor, Retired Educator

"To make meaning or to create a desired shape dictates what my preferred method or medium can be at any one time; however, my current favorite medium is wood. I like the subtractive carving process with wood; however, in order to make connections, and to achieve a particular shape, I will, without hesitation, use additive methods of joining materials together with glue or dowels. I am focused at the moment on making pedestal top size wood work." 

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 Eli Blasko:   Graduate Student Western Carolina University

Eli Blasko is an artist and designer based in Western North Carolina.

He primarily works in sculpture with an emphasis on wood as material. His work ranges from exploring traditional craft and design techniques to expansive conceptual interventions into the lives of objects and highly detailed constructions for public, commercial, and gallery settings. Many of his projects begin as research-based inquiries into the history of objects, images, and geographies.

Eli received a BFA from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania in 2012, and also studied in the Studio of Intermedia+ at The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia. He holds credentials as a craft instructor in carpentry and welding from the National Center for Construction Education Research, and is currently an MFA candidate for 2022 at Western Carolina University.

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