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Student Member Spotlight: Kenly Cox

Hometown: Olivia, NC

Current Location/ School:  Concord, NC. Enrolled at UNC Charlotte

What are you studying/ Current degrees:  Currently working towards Graduate Certificate in Art Education.  Earned AFA in Fine Arts at Sandhills Community College, and BFA in Fine Arts at UNC Chapel Hill

Have you had any art -related jobs or internships?  At UNC Chapel Hill, I was a work study student/ Artisan in Stage Properties at PlayMakers Repertory Company for four years (2016-2020), and then worked a summer (2019) at Wolf Trap Opera as a Stage Properties Apprentice in Vienna, Virginia.  I had the pleasure of working there for four years as an artisan, creating stage props, from furniture to a variety of hand props; it's a job that you get to create something new everyday, always on your toes, and work with a great group of people! Other internships that I have worked at from past summers include (2016) Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, in Solsberry, Indiana, (2017) Carolina Bronze Sculpture, LLC in Seagrove, NC, (2018) helping out at F.I.R.E Conference at Metal Museum in Memphis Tennessee.

What is your favorite medium to work in?  Cast Iron, Ceramics, and Printmaking

Who are your favorite artists?  Audrey Kawasaki and Beth Cavener

What is one of the most influential experiences or things you've learned while in school studying art / sculpture?   Probably one of the most important things I learned in school is to not be afraid to seek out opportunities/ challenges and to take the plunge in new experiences that will make you grow not only artistically, but also as a person. These experiences are great to make new art friends and connections from different walks of life that could lead you to your next adventure. 

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